Monday, July 10, 2006

Rain Forest: Monday July 10 Update

The Monday, July 10, Iowa Rain Forest update is now available at (Click on "Weekly Updates" at top of page; then click on "July 10.")

The news? It reminds me of the country song line, "Since the phone it still ain't ringin' I assume it still ain't you." The project's board selection of the ultimate "winner" from the "final four," promised for January, February, March, April, May and June, it has now been announced, "is still pending, but unscheduled."

Grinnell has dropped out. The Iowa Pork Forest suspects Pella doesn't have the money either. And we discussed last week the money situation in Riverside. Tiffin anyone?

On the "economic development and attractions generally" front there were a number of stories about the Iowa Values Fund (a defensive Governor sparring with critics), and a new "small is beautiful" approach to Iowa tourism.

[Every Monday since December 2005 there has been a weekly upload to the pre-existing Iowa rain forest Web site I maintain. In all, printed out it would run over 100 single spaced pages; there are, in addition, links to the full text of hundreds of newspaper stories and reports. It is very probably the most complete resource on the topic anywhere on the Web.

It is found at:

Over the past few months the scope of the Web site has expanded from the rain forest project to include material related to the broader range of attractions and economic development generally in which the proposed rain forest exists and by which it must be evaluated.]

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Ron said...

Don't underestimate the power of Pella to come up with money to do just about anything she wants to do. That town can squeeze money from stone.

The real question is: will the village elders approve it? And that is not based on fiscal potential but moral/theological and consequently social rationale. If the village masters of Pella don't like the smell of a project it won't happen. Nothing happens in Pella with out the endorsement of the 5 to 23 major players in the area - 95% of whom are hard-core old school Dutch Reformed and Dutch decendents. If you don't have a Korver, Scholte, Van Somebody, Koopman, etc. on board it won't happen. On the other hand, if Betsy Roe is on it that means that Central College President David Roe will back it - however Central College is the turd in the punch bowl in Pella. Evangelical Central College is considered "radically liberal" by the Old Dutch Masters of Pella, so if it is a Central backed project expect some resistence.