Monday, July 10, 2006

Babblemur on Rain Forest, Pentagon Student Spying

Babblemur has provided an insightful and amusing commentary regarding the possibility of putting the Iowa Rain Forest ("Earthpark") in Iowa's Tulip Capital, Pella (along with links to this blog and my Rain Forest Web site). Babblemur, "Earthpark Pella? Why not Earthpark Oshkosh?" Babblemur & Akaoni Power Hour! ("Money is Property; It is Not Speech"), July 9, 2006,

The blog also provides the full text of the Chronicle of Higher Education story from which I could only provide a brief excerpt ["Pentagon's Monitoring Students' Email," July 9] (the Chronicle's Web site provides full text to hard copy subscribers only). Babblemur, "DoD Monitoring Student E-mail," Babblemur & Akaoni Power Hour!, July 7, 2006,

Thanks to Babblemur for both contributions.

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