Friday, July 21, 2006

Follow-Up: Getting More Than We Pay For

I'm not always going to try to track subsequent references to ideas in blogs here, but when the come the very next day. . .

Yesterday ("Getting More Than We Pay For," July 20, 2006) I was challenging the old adage that "You get what you pay for." My suggestion was that, with a little focus and creativity it is often (not always, but often) possible to come up with (or find on the Internet) solutions/approaches that are simultaneously capable of producing higher quality results while also reducing costs.

Today's Daily Iowan has yet another example:

"I wanted to commend the administrators of the IMU for silently but effectively implementing enviornmentally friendly solutions that are also cheaper to operate and make sense. . . ."

Marcelo Mena [UI Center for Global and Regional Enviornmental Research], "Color It Green," The Daily Iowan, July 21, 2006, p. 6A. (If you're intererested in what those "solutions" were, see the full text of the letter online.)

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