Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rain Forest: Mid-Week Update

As always (at least since last December), the full weekly Monday update on rain forest developments (or lack thereof) will be next Monday, July 31, at

But there are three published stories, and one insider's observations, related to yesterday's (July 25) rain forest news conference worth at least citing here along with some brief comments.

Zack Kucharski, "Rain Forest Contenders Down to 2; Tiffin Drops Out, Riverside, Pella Confident They'll Prevail," The Gazette, July 26, 2006, p. 1A, col. 1 (also available here).

Mike McWilliams, "Riverside, Pella Finalists for Earthpark; Contenders Met or Exceeded $25M Funding Criterion,"
Iowa City Press-Citizen, July 26, 2006, p. 3A (also available here).

Jeffrey Patch, "Rain Forest Site Finalists: Pella, Riverside; Each Town Has Raised $25 Million to Compete for the Earthpark Project," Des Moines Register, July 26, 2006 (also available here).

Bradley Franzwa, "The Rest of the Story," [email] July 26, 2006. (I'm going to hold off on publicizing Franzwa's dramatic revelations until Monday's update; until the reporters, to whom he also made this information available, have had an opportunity to investigate it and make clear they are taking a pass on this prize-winning story.)

And don't miss the "Iowa Pork Forest" "Earthpark Update: Down to Riverside and Pella," July 25, and State29's "Iowa Pork Forest," July 26.

Bottom line: David Oman has succeeded once again in gaining the attention of, and placing major stories with, Iowa's major print and electronic media, that somehow end up putting a positive spin on stories on page one, column one, and that lead the evening news, the substance of which is somewhere between "no news at all" and "still no money" and "more delays." Whatever else you may say, you've got to hand it to this guy for his skills as a publicist. Why the White House has never brought him to Washington to tell the story of all the wonderful progress we're making in Iraq is beyond me.

(Additional commentary will be forthcoming.)

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