Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Flash: Oman Says September

At 3:00 p.m. this afternoon (July 25) we received advanced word that David Oman is about to hold a news conference at which it is believed he will announce that the final decision on the location of the rain forest will be announced in September.

It is reported he will say that the two finalist communities are Riverside and Pella, both of which -- given the withdrawal of Grinnell and the silence from Tiffin -- have been widely believed to be the two finalists now for some time.

Given the numerous early reports that each had long since presented the requested $25 million to the rain forest's promoters, there has been no explanation of the delay in selecting the "winner" between them

In fact, the final decision was promised for, but not forthcoming in . . .

and June.

It was never promised that a decision would be announced in July or August, so the promoters cannot be faulted for the final 60 days of the eight-month delay.

So why is the promise of a decision in September any more worthy of our reliance? Guess we'll jsut have to wait and see.

More details will be passed along as they become available.

The Gazette's early report of these events is consistent, adding that Tiffin had actually withdrawn from consideration. Zack Kucharski, "Riverside, Pella Named Earthpark Finalists; Tiffin Officials Withdraw Proposal," The Gazette Online, July 25, 2006.


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