Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nicolai Brown on Government vs. Citizenry

Don't miss Nicolai Brown's (AmesWire's) chilling July 10 comment in "Pentagon's Monitoring Students' Email," July 9. Is it equally obvious to all?

And read his insightful and utilitarian reflection on a personal experience with lessons for all of us: "Compare an Authoritarian to a Neighborly Solution," July 10.


Nicolai Brown said...

Hey Nick, thanks for the link! Although, the link to my authoritarian vs. autonomy post goes back to your blog, not mine.

Here's the correct link.

Also, I am male, not that it is hugely important.

BTW, do you know much about CALEA extensions? As you probably know, Clinton laid the foundation and Bush has expanded it some, bringing spying to universities like ISU. They're trying to implement a domestic spying program at taxpayer expense.

Nick said...

Thanks, Nicolai; I've finally made the corrections. Should have caught the "Nicolai" (since on rare occasions I'm called that myself) but I think my failing eyes brought it to my brain as "Nicole." Apologies. - Nick

Nicolai Brown said...

No worries!