Sunday, July 09, 2006

"A Bit More": Campaign Contributions

Thanks to Chris Woods, "Political Forecast: Iowa Politics and Beyond," for sharing some comments from the ongoing discussion about campaign finance, "A Bit More on Financing Campaigns and PACs,"
a-bit-more-on-financing-of-campaigns-and-pacs/, from Kyle Lobner, Chris Woods, RF, Nicolai Brown, and Rexusnexus.

For my op ed on the subject, see Nicholas Johnson, "Line Blurs Between Campaign Contributions, Bribes," Des Moines Register, July 5, 2006,

And as a follow-on to yesterday's (July 8) "Support For: Cash Ain't 'Speech' . . . and speaking of campaign contributions . . .": from the looks of the "crowd," to the extent it can be accurately determined, in the picture accompanying James Q. Lynch, "Bayh: National Mood Is In Democrats' Favor," The Gazette, July 9, 2006, Sec. B, p. 2, although the story doesn't mention attendance, it looks like yesterday's prediction may have been right.

The July 10 Daily Iowan report of the event is consistent; although the text refers to "approximately 25" in attendance (which is not exactly a rally) the most that can be counted throughout the accompanying video is 8 (in addition to the two candidates). Dean Treftz, "Bayh Stumps in IC," Daily Iowan, July 10, 2006.

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