Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Other (Costly) White Meat


Lots of bloggers are critical of pork from time to time.

But I had occasion to come upon a blog the other day that is totally focused on pork: Porkbusters.

You may have been well aware of Porkbusters for years.

It came to my attention because it picked up on State29's entry about my "It's Getting Harder to Be a Democrat," September 1, 2006. Porkbusters: "Nicholas Johnson Isn't Abandoning the Democratic Party," September 2, 2006; State29: "Nicholas Johnson Isn't Abandoning the Demcratic Party," September 1, 2006.

State29's comment included the following:

"I think party affiliation will matter less and less into the future as people network and realize that on some issues we have common ground.

"A lot of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents agree on issues like eminent domain, corporate welfare, lifetime politicians, expansion of casinos, campaign financial disclosure, nepotism, earmarks, and so on."

It's an important -- and hopeful -- observation that played a role in my entries: "A funny thing happened . . .," September 2, 2006, and "Choice: 'Tax and Spend' or 'Borrow and Spend'?" September 4, 2006.

Our progress as a nation, state, and region will be a function of our ability to seek the "common ground" of which State29 speaks.

To borrow a line, we need the serenity to accept the disagreements we cannot seem to resolve ("agree to disagree"), the courage to move on to the progress that can come from working on those things where we share common ground, and the wisdom to know the difference between when we're just wasting time arguing, and when we're working toward consensus solutions.


Anonymous said...


I must admit I have added your blog to my regular reading rotation only in the last few days. It’s great to have another thoughtful Dem blog that does not repeat tiresome party talking points. These days, our party desperately needs people like you who are willing to seek common ground and actual solutions with our R and independent friends. Thank you!

Nick said...


And thank you for the comment.

-- Nick