Thursday, September 21, 2006

More on Riverside Questions

I really will have something to say about the Q/A exchange between Riverside and David Oman as soon as I get this week behind me.

Meanwhile, there's lots to read elsewhere.

State 29 puts that blog's "tell it like it is" spin on the story, as the headline indicates: State29, "Riverside Hayseeds React to Con Artist Oman's Letter Concerning Earthpork," September 21, 2006.

The Press-Citizen editorializes, Editorial, "Earthpark Q&A Fails to Alleviate Our Concerns," Iowa City Press-Citizen, September 21, 2006, and concludes, "As Earthpark officials seem to be postponing their final decision indefinitely, we hope Riverside officials will read these answers as evidence for why they should make Earthpark's decision that much easier by pulling their city out of the running."

And see yesterday's, Nicholas Johnson, "Riverside: 'Thanks But No Thanks'?" September 20, 2006, regarding Gregg Hennigen's story in The Gazette (with link), and Nicholas Johnson, "The $185 Million Dollar Questions," September 20, 2006, with link to the Press-Citizen's reproduction of the Q&A with Oman, and inclusion of Brad Franzwa's list of the questions that didn't get asked.

For the most thorough collection of commentary and links see Nicholas Johnson, "Iowa Rain Forest (Earthpark) Web Site," and for some 30 published op eds, speeches, etc., go to "Nicholas Johnson's Writing" (regarding the rain forest).

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