Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hat's Off to State29

There are a lot of reasons why I read State29: good writing, consistent quality, great sense of humor, cutting edge, makes me think – including wondering how State29 can put in a couple paragraphs what takes me a couple of pages.

But among those reasons is the fact that the blog is consistently hitting on issues I care about: media criticism, the Iowa governors’ race, the Riverside Casino (and gambling in general), the Earthpork Forest (and economic development in general), and irrational governmental spending.

Just by way of example, here are some entries from the last couple of days – all worth reading.

“The Nussle Abortion Thing,”
September 5, 2006, (media criticism; governors' race);

“Psychics Are Real,” September 5, 2006, (media commentary);

“Culver: Iowa’s Financial House is in Order,” September 5, 2006, (governors' race);

“Remember, Iowa Had To Compete With Ak-Sar-Ben,” September 5, 2006, (gambling; economic development; irrational government spending);

“$6.45 and Hour and Free Parking,” September 4, 2006, (Riverside Casino);

“Scotsman.com: Iowa Porkforest has ‘Little Environmental Value,’” September 3, 2006, (Earthpork forest).

Oh, and it saves me a lot of time and effort to be able to just link!

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