Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mid-Week Update, Rain Forest, Etc.

A combination of things have slowed blogging, and the usual Monday morning rain forest update: travel to New York with the usual airline hassles (14 hours from NY to CR), 9/11, the school board election (yesterday), and classes to prepare for today and tomorrow, along with all the usual, accumulated, daily flow.

The NYC speech. It keeps getting revised and uploaded, primarily with additional footnotes. "General Semantics, Terrorism and War" is available at

Rain Forest. There's no decision yet from the rain forest board (so far as I know), but there are some stories out there to report. Once I get beyond this week I'll try to catch up on all of them and post the update next Monday.

Garchik. Sam turned in an extraordinarily impressive performance on his short fuse (couple weeks), no funds, no yard signs, virtually no issues, write-in campaign for ICCSD school board. What does it say about community support for the board that far less than 5% of eligible voters bother to vote at all, and that the incumbent got as few votes as she did against a last-minute write-in? The precise count on the write-in votes is going on today (September 13).

"Where's My Picture?" The latest email from the Harkin camp makes no mention of the $1000 photo op, or the benefits provided for those less well off and only able to pony up $300. See Nicholas Johnson, "Hat's Off to Senator Dvorsky," August 29, 2006. Just $25 for a steak and a chance to see Senators Harkin and Obama. That sounds a little more reasonable, especially with a meal included and Obama's aura.

Harkin promises that "several thousand" of his "closest friends from Iowa and across the country" will be at what is now a "grassroots political event" and Senator Obama, we are told "is looking forward to shaking hands all 'round." (Imagine how many hands he'd have to shake if Senator Harkin's acquaintances also showed up!)

But inquiring minds want to know: Is the photo op still on? Has it been cancelled? If the tickets are $30 at the gate and $25 only if purchased in advance will the photo op also be 20% more ($1200) if purchased at the gate? And, if it's been cancelled, will those $1000 donors get their money (at least $975) back?

I won't be there, but Harkin puts on a good party; with a break in the weather it sounds like it will be an entertaining afternoon with a couple of great senators, and bound to produce some rousing speeches.

They're making an effort to have it blogged live (maybe with Sam Garchik), so perhaps we can follow it online.

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