Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pixiedust in Pella

A number of folks whom I only know from our electronic exchanges have provided me information and amusement over the months of my rain forest watching. "Cindy" is one with a special creativity with the English language. On this occasion I got her permission to share her email following the Pella site selection:

I know there are some good, well-intentioned people involved in this project. But that doesn't change financial reality. Congratulations to Riverside on dodging the bullet. I'm shocked, shocked that Pella was chosen.

"I blame the journalists who have shown collective wide-eyed awe. If I ever figure out a mildly-complicated scheme for fraudulently enriching myself at public expense, it is my deep hope that my activities will be given the same level of scrutiny, objectivity, analysis, financial acumen, and common sense that has characterized most media coverage of The Pixiedust Project. I'll bet this is the way the River City Enquirer covered the Music Man during those first few weeks ("Band Uniforms Almost Here, Thanks To World-Renowned Music Authority!"). The media are behaving like Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn -- they're agog, simply agog."

Cindy Hildebrand

For the record, my own "mildly-complicated scheme for fraudulently enriching myself at public expense" is spelled out in Nicholas Johnson, "TIF-ing My Toolshed," September 2, 2006.

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