Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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Latest Half-Dozen Posts (Full Text)


Nick said...

Notice Regarding Advertising: This blog runs an open comments section. All comments related to blog entries have (so far) remained posted, regardless of how critical. Although I would prefer that those posting comments identify themselves, anonymous comments are also accepted.

The only limitation is that advertising posing as comments will be removed. That is why one or more of the comments posted on this blog entry, containing links to unrelated matter, have been deleted.

-- Nick

Steve Hanken said...

Thanks Nick! Iowan's need a wake up call as to just how poor our govenor truly is. Satisfying the whims of Republican policy makers in Washington who have no understanding of life on the ground in Iowa is not only poor policy, but shows the intent of a party that derailed itself to run Trump as their flag bearer. For some reason they just can't get over how much they enjoyed the power grab!
Reynolds has no leadership ability that could possibly be used in Iowa. Her view is expressly tied to her donor base, while the vast majority of those in the state suffer as a result. If the Democrats can find a candidate for Governor who isn't made of money and comes directly from Des Moines, Reynolds could easily be beat. We already know that most of the Republican Governors in the recent past bested their challengers not over what they had done for the state (or to the state) but because Iowan's had no expectation that electing the candidates the Democrats offered, made them feel any more secure. Please make it happen!!!