Monday, August 28, 2006

State 29's Rain Forest Solution

State 29 kindly notes my entry about David Oman's new math, Nicholas Johnson, "Oman: Taxpayers to Pay for Earthpark's Operation," August 27, 2006, and Oman's suggestion taxpayers pay the operating, as well as the construction, costs of his rain forest. State 29 then goes on to propose a way to solve the operating cost problem that has dogged the rain forest proposal for 10 years:

"Now there's no more pretense of having the rainforest being financially self-sustaining in any way, shape, or form. Oman wants taxpayers to foot the bill for this thing forever, which they would have anyway because over a million people a year ain't goin' to Riverside or Pella unless, you know, they could get free sex."

State 29, "David Oman is Terrible at Math," August 28, 2006.

Now that's the kind of entrepreneural thinking that's made America great and that the rain forest promoters should have been thinking from the beginning.

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