Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blogger Sam Garchik Write-In IC School Board Candidate

Sam Garchik, currently running Blog For Iowa, has entered the Iowa City school board race as a write-in candidate.

"I am running as a write in candidate for school board because I want to make sure that our schools remain the best in the country. To do that, we need to promise our kindergarteners that they will have the same educational opportunities their brothers and sisters in high school have now.

"I am a history teacher for the Linn-Mar School District, at the COMPASS Alternative Center in Marion. I've also worked as a substitute teacher in secondary schools in the Iowa City School District, and my daughter attends Longfellow Elementary. I have seen first-hand the incredible difference that a hard working, realistic and open school board can make in guiding school

"In addition to my classroom experience and passion for education, I have personal strengths that our school board really needs right now. We are in a critical time - facing changing enrollment, the possibility of a tax levy that will bring in $11 million a year for the first five years, and increased pressure on individual schools to perform. The decisions we make now call for long term planning and excellent communication-on the board, in the district and in the community as a whole. These are strengths that I would bring to the table, to protect and enhance the excellent schools that
we are so proud of.

"You won't see my name on the school board ballot. Like you, I thought we were on our way to a contested school board election that would raise some of the issues I care about. When one of the three candidates dropped out, it was too late to officially declare my candidacy, so I am asking for your support as a write-in candidate. Please consider writing in the name Sam Garchik on your ballot on Sept. 12.

"And please help me spread the word. Forward this letter to your friends. I am having an organizational meeting this Sunday, August 27, at 2 p.m. at the Iowa City Public Library."


Anonymous said...

vuorirWhat does he stand for?

Nick said...

Anonymous: Let's ask him. - Nick

Anonymous said...

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