Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Boondoggle Has Life Everlasting

Joe Sharpnack has an especially perceptive and penetrating eye and cartoonist's pen when it comes to the Iowa rain forest project. This morning (August 8) he has done it again. (For three other examples of his take on the rain forest search http://www.nicholasjohnson.org/politics/IaChild.)

Under the caption, "The Boondoggle That Wouldn't Die!" he pictures a Godzilla dinosaur repelling oncoming missiles with the labels, "Enough!" "No!" and "Get Lost!" Godzilla bears the identification, "Earth-Park-Rain-Forest-Education Center, etc., whatever." And Godzilla is saying, "No, really, if I could just get $25,000,000 from you guys, we could . . ."

The cartoon is copyright by The Gazette and Joe Sharpnack, and reproduced here for educational, non-commercial, fair use only. Any other use requires the permission of
The Gazette and Joe Sharpnack, whose Web site, www.sharptoons.com, provides contact information and a portfolio of his work, which not only appears regularly in The Gazette, but has also appeared in USA TODAY, the Washington Post, Newsweek Interactive, and the Financial Times of London. The Gazette, August 8, 2006, p. 6A.

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