Saturday, August 05, 2006

Zielinski Captures Meeting

After having raised some issues about the journalistic coverage of the August 3 Riverside meeting with the rain forest promoters ("Riverside Weighs Rain Forest," August 4), what a pleasure it is to read Mary Zielinski's coverage of the event: Mary Zielinski, "Riverside Wants 'Hard Copy' Answers for Earthpark Questions," Washington Evening Journal, August 4, 2006 (also available here).

It's like she attended a different meeting. Actually, she may have, as The Gazette's Gregg Hennigan reported that the meeting had not ended by the time he needed to file his story.

Over the years, others in the media and public have told me stories that mirrored my own experience in trying to get answers to questions from the rain forest organization. Questioners have sometimes been ignored, or promised answers in a future that never arrives, or given generalities and platitudes.

Zielinski reports: "'We will get a packet of questions together,' said Mayor Bill Poch, 'and we would like you to write down the answers. We want hard copy.' He also asked if the answers could be done within a week after receiving the questions. Earthpark CEO David Oman said, 'It will not be a problem.'"

Hopefully Oman will seize this opportunity to demonstrate his good will and ability to meet a deadline.

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