Wednesday, August 09, 2006

To Riverside, With Love

"Caution: Wide Load, Rain Forest Ahead," August 7, mentioned by State 29 in "Earthpark Questions," August 8, has now (this morning, August 9) been expanded into an op ed column.

The citizens of Riverside, Iowa, acting through their duly elected and empowered City Council, have every democratic right to do whatever they think is in their best interest with regard to the rain forest project and its demands for this community of 928 souls to come up with $25 million.

I would not presume to tell them what they should do -- nor, were I to do so, would it make the slightest bit of difference in their decision.

But, having followed this project for the last six years, published 14 columns and an equal number of additional analyses about it, and maintained a rather thorough rain forest Web site for the past three years, I felt a bit of an obligation to offer some cautionary observations to my neighbors to the south.

This column is for them, to read or not, to think about or ignore, my gift to Riverside, with love.

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