Friday, August 04, 2006

State 29 on "Earthpork"

State 29 alerts us ("Earthpork Update" (with a link to my "Riverside Weighs Rain Forest") and "The Town of Riverside Are a Bunch of Suckers"), August 4, to a couple of entries in the "Iowa Pork Forest" blog:

"Riverside Residents Raise Questions on Earthpark," August 4, with a substantial excerpt from Gregg Hennigen's article in The Gazette (available online here), and "The Town of Riverside Are a Bunch of Suckers," August 4, with much of Mary Zielinski's report on the August 3 Riverside City Council meeting with the rain forest promoters (available online here), along with insightful comment (sample: "There's not even a phony pretense of raising private money anymore. All you get . . . are demands for casino money, foundation money, sales tax increases in a town of less than 1000 people, and plans to go into debt.)

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