Monday, August 28, 2006

Rain Forest: Monday August 28 Update

The regular weekly rain forest ("Earthpark") Monday update is now (0840 August 28) available at

It includes a rather unusual bit of mathematical evaluation of David Oman's bank balance for the rain forest, and a presentation of the Iowa City Press-Citizen's eight-page special advertis . . . I mean "supplement" promoting the Riverside casino.

[Every Monday since December 2005 there has been a weekly upload to the pre-existing Iowa rain forest Web site I maintain. In all, printed out it would run over 100 single spaced pages; there are, in addition, links to the full text of hundreds of newspaper stories and reports. It is very probably the most complete resource on the topic anywhere on the Web.

It is found at:

Over the past few months the scope of the Web site has expanded from the rain forest project to include material related to the broader range of attractions and economic development generally in which the proposed rain forest exists and by which it must be evaluated.]

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