Monday, August 28, 2006

The Gazette: Promoting Casino Gambling?

The Iowa City Press-Citizen's eight-page supplement today (August 28), "Shuffle Up and Play," has already been the subject of a blog entry, Nicholas Johnson, "Press-Citizen: Promoting Casino Gambling," August 28, 2006.

In fairness, it should be noted that The Gazette, while not -- yet -- offering an eight-page spread, has done its own bit to encourage Iowans to take their money to Riverside. The paper has devoted roughly a half page to "Ready to Play?" -- with instructions and suggestions under the headings "Blackjack or 21," "Poker," "Roulette," "Slots," and "Craps." It provides links to additional, online, encouragement to gamble, from Las Vegas and elsewhere, including the Riverside casino's Web site.

And I say "not yet" because The Gazette promises "a comprehensive look at gambling in Iowa" in the September 3 "Accent" section of the paper.

And what about your losses? Ah, not to worry The Gazette advises: "[E]ven if the only thing left in your pocket is car keys, learning the games and following some simple strategies -- and the complementary drinks -- will provide hours of entertainment."

I'm going to repeat that:

"Even if the only thing left in your pocket is car keys [gambling] will provide hours of entertainment."

At least the Frosty left us with some pocket change. [See Nicholas Johnson, "Mr. Editor, tear down this wall!" August 8, 2006.]

The Gazette's "story" can be found at "Ready to Play," The Gazette, August 26, 2006, p. 8c.


John Neff said...

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By the way my understanding is the casino is a riverboat but do they have life jackets and life rafts for all of their customers? When do they have lifeboat drill ? And does the captain have a license?

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