Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Floods and Football

June 17, 2008, 8:20 a.m.

Links Without Comment

Floods. For the benefit of those of our friends around the country and world who have expressed concern about the welfare of Iowans in general and myself in particular, the local papers have done a good job of not only daily reporting, but providing archives of their coverage. Here is what the Press-Citizen calls "The Great Flood of '08," Iowa City Press-Citizen, as of June 17, 2008; The Gazette's gazetteonline.com main page is currently headed with "The Flood of 2008," which provides a comparable collection of links to its photos and stories; as does the Des Moines Register for the entire state, at least on its online opening page, "Floods of 2008: Latest News Updates, Videos and Photos," as of June 17. The City of Iowa City's site, "River Watch - Flood Updates; Advisories; Maps," is one of the better all-purpose sites for Iowa City.

(And our family? As a result of fortuitous circumstance, for which this generation can take no credit, both the family home, and son Gregory's "small house," are at an elevation well above the flood plain.)

Football. Months ago I wrote about the University's handling of a matter allegedly involving one or more football team members. Therefore, for the record, here -- though without further comment -- is a link to a rather thorough update. Lee Hermiston and Brian Morelli, "Documents detail sexual assault case; Judge orders release of court records," Iowa City Press-Citizen, June 17, 2008, p. A1.

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