Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Richardsons at JJ Dinner Nov. 10

November 13, 2007, 8:45 a.m.

As if there weren't enough pictures already from the Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner in Des Moines last Saturday evening, November 10, here are some more -- with primary emphasis on the pre-dinner gathering of Governor Bill Richardson's supporters, with the Governor and his wife Barbara, along with Senator Jovial Joe Biden's visit to those of us in the nosebleed section (the only candidate who reached those heights -- at least where I was sitting), now posted to my public Picasa site.

Also present, and pictured, were the leaders of Iowa STAR*PAC (Stop the Arms Race Political Action Committee of Iowa), who explained to the wall-to-wall crowd why they were endorsing Richardson for President, the Unser brothers of Indianapolis 500 championship fame (ditto), and one of the many captured Americans for whom Richardson negotiated release, John Early (ditto).

All in all, it was an event that fully rivaled the dinner that followed.

In addition, if you weren't there, or left before the night ran out, regardless of who you're thinking of supporting you really do need to watch Senator Obama's speech.

And, as always, the John Deeth Blog is the best source for a detailed report on the evening.

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