Saturday, July 28, 2007

Health Care, Honors & Sports

July 28, 2007 6:45 a.m.; July 29, 2007, 9:00 a.m.

Today's News:

Press-Citizen wants public back in "public health"
Four speak out on "Sicko"
Pomerantz to get honorary degree from UI
UI buildings on Regents' agenda
"Big Ten Network" in big tough negotiations
Editorial, "It's Time for the State to Help Put the 'Public' Back in 'Public Health,'" Iowa City Press-Citizen, July 28, 2007, p. A14.

Press-Citizen's "Diagnosing Michael Moore's 'Sicko,'" July 28, 2007, p. A15.

Richard Dobyns, "Why Not Socialize Health Care? It Would be Bad for Business"

Loreen Herwaldt, "Fair and Balanced 'Sicko' is Not, But Neither is the U.S. Health Care System"

Chris Atchison, "Moore Describes Challenges Better Than He Does Solutions"

Sam Levey, "Boldness Has Been Sadly Absent Among Our Nation's Leaders"
Kathryn Fiegen, "UI Seeking Honorary Degree for Pomerantz," Iowa City Press-Citizen, July 28, 2007, p. A1

Kathryn Fiegen, "Regents' Agenda Released for August; New Projects, Budget and Security Will be Discussed," Iowa City Press-Citizen, July 28, 2007, p. A3 (not available online); Kathryn Fiegen, "Regents Consider $267 Million in Capital Projects," Iowa City Press-Citizen Online, July 27, 2007

Scott Dochterman, "Tense Waiting Game; What's at Stake for big Ten Network, Cable Companies, Fans,"
The Gazette, July 28,2007, p. A1

Diane Heldt, "Fethke farewell; Impact of interim presidency to continue as he leaves UI post," The Gazette, July 29, 2007, p. A1

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Anonymous said...

Marvin Pomerantz has been generous to the Univ of Iowa. However, he makes darn sure everyone knows about his name on a building, endowed chairs etc.

Pomerantz's latest antic should make everyone think twice about further honors. Is the Univ so scared it cannot support itself, that it will allow prominent people in places of responsibility to pop off in a crass way?

If so will the Univ of Iowa give Brad Lohaus an honorary degree? Evern though Lohaus now finds himself broke, and convicted of crimes, in the past he was a very very generous donor to the AD.

The Pomerantz episode sounds way too much like rich guys can buy themselves the right to pop off (they are quoted in the paper far more often than poor guys) as well as buy themselves honors.

With no particular expertise in academics (BOR President yes, academician no) no particular achievements in academics, and no particular intellectual achievements, a person should get some mention somewhere, but not a honorary academic degree.

In these days of money worship, a fellow selling enough real estate finds himself peppered with honors, as if the possessions he buys aren't reward enough.

The message becomes loud and clear: don't become a social worker, don't write a book, don't read poetry, don't study the law because of passion, don't cure children of, make a boatload of money selling real estate and making cans. Then you can buy alot of your university.

This sounds cynical, because Pomerantz has been very generous. However, the Univ of Iowa has been generous to him too. Sounds like a good relationship. However, enough is enough. At some point, a rich guy cannot be seen to casually dismiss an academic leader like a poor performing manager at Cum and Go. Someone needs to take a stand to say the Univ of Iowa is not for sale, that it is more than a billboard for a misbehaving health insurance companies, and that the school has been here for 150 years, and will be here much longer than a pissed off rich fellow.

That is unless we live in a country where the ultimate achievement is not writing, nor creating, nor painting, nor discovering, but the ultimate achievement is amassing a fortune.

Anonymous said...

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