Friday, October 27, 2006

State 29 on Death (of the Rain Forest) and Taxes

State29, which has been a leader on the "Iowa Pork Forest" analysis from the beginning, has more "must reads" posted on the subject of what is now Pella Project Politics. State29, "The Final Nail In The Rainforest Coffin," October 26, 2006, State29, "Still No Des Moines Register Article On Culver's Dissing Of The Rainforest," October 26, 2006, State29, "Chet Culver Against Earthpork Rainforest," October 25, 2006.

And State29 has also offered some helpful commentary about Nicholas Johnson, "It's Not About 'Taxes,'" October 24, 2006, in State29, "Business Climate," October 26, 2006. State29's piece suggests that it would have been appropriate for me to have included some commentary about the need for consolidation of Iowa's governmental units (i.e., 99 counties and over 300 school districts), and provides an analysis of the Enron retirement plan that argues it wasn't so bad after all. (It was an example I'd used in the section, "3. Program evaluation," to make the point that programs in the private sector, as well as government programs, can do with some evaluation -- although, with the Enron example, intended more as a commentary about management's criminal behavior than the details of the 401(k) plan itself.)

So thanks to State29 for taking the time to read the essay and comment on it.

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