Friday, October 20, 2006

"Hat's Off" to Gazette's Janet Rorholm

The Gazette's Janet Rorholm has now (October 20) done a series of three page-one stories about the financial problems confronting Cedar Rapids' Science Station. For her three stories and my three blog entries about them, see links from Nicholas Johnson, "More More Science Station Lessons for Pella," October 20, 2006.

There may very well be more stories and Gazette editorials to come on this subject. But the "FromDC2Iowa Journalism Review" thought the first three enough to warrant the coveted "Hat's Off" award.

These stories represented "reporting, not repeating." They were not a rewrite of a news release, or statements at a news conference. They were not an effort to promote a commercial venture, or push an ideological point of view.

Rorholm has dug in and reported the history and facts about the financial condition of this important Cedar Rapids edu-tainment venue, and in a way that communicates important lessons for any community considering its edu-tainment attractions -- as I've blogged about in my "Lessons for Pella" series referred to above.

Moreover, she's captured the evolving story of a community and its leaders as they struggle to figure out what happened, and why, what edu-tainment venues they want and need, and how they can best go about designing the business plans, and adequate operating funds, to insure their financial success.

It's an important series of stories for every community in America.

Congratulations -- and thanks -- Janet Rorholm.

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