Sunday, October 16, 2022

Why Iowans Are Voting for AG Tom Miller

Why Iowans Should Vote for Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller

Iowans can be proud of their Attorney General, Tom Miller.

He is the longest serving state Attorney General in the nation. The national organization of state attorneys general chose him as their president and recognized his outstanding service.

His Consumer Protection Division has helped thousands, his Farm Division was the first in the nation. His tobacco efforts saved thousands of lives. His integrity and high quality legal skills are widely acknowledged.

Tom Miller is the epitome of a non-partisan “public servant” rather than a “politician.” Had he sought higher office he likely would have it. Had he wanted wealth, private law practice would have provided it.

He chose instead to give his life and talents to the welfare of Iowans. We can thank him for his service by looking down our ballots and giving him our vote.

-- Nicholas Johnson, Oct. 13, 2022

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