Tuesday, June 16, 2009


June 16, 2009, 7:30 p.m.

Just approved for publication today (June 16) and now available from Lulu Press -- with credits to 8 creative Cyberspace Law Seminar students this past spring semester, and graphics designer Gregory Johnson. Virtualosity: Eight Students in Search of Cyberlaw (click for preview).

"Nicholas Johnson and eight law students in the University of Iowa Cyberspace Law Seminar, Spring 2009, investigate everything from property rights in virtual worlds to domestic cyber attacks to K-12 students' rights with their online, off-campus speech."

It will hopefully be available through Prairie Lights in Iowa City ["Prairie Lights Bookstore;" "Prairie Lights Books"] by mid-July, and Amazon a month later.

It, and the next book, What Do You Mean and How Do You Know? (prepared for a UI "First Year Seminar" on general semantics this fall semester), about to go to the publisher and scheduled for August availability, are a part of the reason the blog has been relatively inactive the past month or so.

Meanwhile, check out "Summertime Blogging," May 23, 2009, for a list of 12 still current categories of recent blogs and the link to a chronological listing of the 650 blog entries from the last three years.

There's also the subsequent "Air Cars and Constituent Anger," May 30, 2009, "Cluster Schools: Potential for IC District?" June 3, 2009, an Iowa City Press-Citizen op ed column, "District Needs Cluster Schools," also available from the paper's online site -- along with the follow-up in the form of a letter to the editor ("Many Past Board Members Tried," June 15, 2009), also available there. Both the column and the letter have produced very active discussions at the Press-Citizen's online site.

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