Tuesday, November 07, 2006

'Hat's Off' to Loebsack and Leach

I am deliberately writing this at 8:00 p.m., November 7, before I have any way of knowing how the local congressional election will come out.

Because I think that both Dave Loebsack and Jim Leach are entitled to a vote of thanks -- a "Hat's Off Award" -- from all of us in Iowa's 2nd Congressional District for setting the national gold standard for successfully avoiding the negative campaigning that marred so many of this years campaigns across the country.

It's a credit to both candidates -- but also, if I may say so, to us, their potential constituents, for encouraging, responding to, and supporting their civil campaigns.

Want to read more about it? Check out this front page story from the Los Angeles Times, providing them, and all of us, this bit of national attention and credit for Iowa civility:

Richard Simon, "Iowa candidates accentuate positive, eliminate negative; Both of the candidates in one tight House race refuse to go negative," Los Angeles Times, November 4, 2006.
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Anonymous said...

I want to second Nick's (and the LA Time's) assessment--given the negative tactics used across the state, Gentlemen Jim Leach and Dave Loebsack have a reason for us in the 2nd District to be proud to have two distinguished candidates for the office.

I look forward to Dave's leadership in Washington and for whatever Jim Leach chooses to do to continue his storied career in public service.

Nick said...

Anony: Amen. - Nick