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UI President Search Held Hostage Day 69 - Jan. 24

Jan. 24, 8:00 a.m., 10:15 p.m. (additional links)

Given other obligations today, links to all stories, and full commentary, will have to come later -- perhaps even this evening.

But here's what you need to know for your morning "UI Held Hostage" briefing, with links to at least a handful of stories -- three of Brian Morelli's (search committee, emeritus perks, and UIHC departure) and one of Diane Heldt's (inquiries about faculty).

The Regents met by phone yesterday. As expected, they approved what was to be six, and is now seven, new Search Committee II members. (I had thought there might be a possibility, given the pressure for an undergraduate on the committee, that the Regents might have -- as a token "reaching out," "amends," and "public relations," if nothing else -- instructed Dean Johnsen to add one. But that didn't happen.)

They have also responded to the media and public interest (coming out of the Colloton e-mails dispute) regarding Colloton's perks, asking each of the Regents' institutions to at least inform the Regents as to what the policies are. (Actually, a little clarification on that score isn't a bad idea. At a minimum, the Regents certainly are within their rights, so far, in simply asking for information.)

Faculty leaders have decided to not move ahead on a proposed policy that faculty should have the right to know when the University has received, and responded to, inquiries regarding them. (Although prompted by Regents' inquiries about salaries and teaching loads, this could, presumably, also cover inquiries by Homeland Security (or other intelegence agencies and law enforcement), media, or ideologically/politically-motivated groups or individuals.) Anyhow, they're not going ahead with it.

And UIHC has lost yet one more administrator who's chosing to move on.

There are updates on the commercialization of the UI's athletic programs (advertising and endorsements by coaches) and Optiva (still going ahead with name change without polling 43,500 members excluded from disputed close vote).

And there are a slug of interesting letters to the editor in the Des Moines Register on a number of issues I'm interested in.
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[Note: If you're new to this blog, and interested in the whole UI President Search story, these blog entries begin with Nicholas Johnson, "UI President Search I," November 18, 2006.
Wondering where the "UI Held Hostage" came from? Click here. For any given entry, links to the prior 10 will be found in the left-most column. Going directly to will take you to the latest. Each contains links to the full text of virtually all known media stories and commentary, including mine, since the last blog entry. Together they represent what The Chronicle of Higher Education has called "one of the most comprehensive analyses of the controversy." The last time there was an entry containing the summary of prior entries' commentary (with the heading "This Blog's Focus on Regents' Presidential Search") is Nicholas Johnson, "UI President Search XIII -- Last Week," December 11, 2006. My early proposed solution to the conflict is provided in Nicholas Johnson, "UI President Search VII: The Answer," November 26, 2006. And the fullest collection of basic documents related to the search is contained in Nicholas Johnson, "UI President Search - Dec. 21-25," December 21, 2006 (and updated thereafter), at the bottom of that blog entry under "References". A _______________ Blog Index of entries on all subjects since June 2006 (updated January 17, 2007) is also available.]

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Media Stories and Commentary

Terry McCoy, "Regents OK Search-Panel Members," The Daily Iowan, January 24, 2007

Erin Jordan, "Regents request policies on perks for retired faculty," Des Moines Register, January 24, 2007

Scott Dochterman, "Sports Marketing; High-profile coaches double as advertisers," The Gazette, January 24, 2007

George C. Ford, "Optiva name here to stay; Voting issue won’t affect UI credit union change," The Gazette, January 24, 2007

Diane Heldt, "Faculty Leaders Won't Seek Notice of Information Requests," The Gazette, January 24, 2007

Lee Hermiston, "New committee in place; Regents approve 7 more members," The Gazette, January 24, 2007

Brian Morelli, "UI President Search Group Finalized; First Meeting Likely to be Friday,"," Iowa City Press-Citizen, January 24, 2007

Brian Morelli, "Regents to Investigate Emeritus Policy," Iowa City Press-Citizen, January 24, 2007

Brian Morelli, "UIHC Loses Chief Nursing Officer; Everett Third Exec to Leave in 6 Months," Iowa City Press-Citizen, January 24, 2007

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